3 easy ways to improve your smile!

3 easy ways to improve your smile!

We’re asked the question every day, ‘how can I improve my smile?’ so we thought we’d give you a quick run-down on simple but really effective measures that achieve just that. Quite often patients are under the impression (no pun intended!) that there’s a huge cost to enhance their smile and that doesn’t have to be the case.

Although we offer a range of cosmetic treatments from our practice in central Leeds, these are the most popular three.

Teeth whitening

Composite veneers



Who doesn’t love pearly whites! At City Smile, we offer the option of either in-surgery whitening or take-home kits. Some patients ask for both and that’s fine too as you have the benefits of both systems. With the in-surgery whitening, it’s a simple visit to our practice to initially have an examination by one of our friendly Dentists to ensure you’re dentally fit for the whitening. If, for instance, you had cavities that needed filling, we would need that doing first before we whitened your teeth as it would be unsafe to deliver treatment otherwise. Once approved for whitening, it’s a 90-minute session using the Philips Zoom! System which is the number 1 patient requested system in the States with over 14M treatments delivered. And it really is a simple as that! You leave with a result that on average is 4-6 shades lighter and gives long-term results.

Some patients prefer the option of take-home kits, which can be used from the convenience of your own home. For these, we take impressions (none of the discomfort of gooey impressions, we use a digital scanner), send them to our lab and they build your customised trays. They’re sent back to us within a week and you then have a choice of either using day-white (1 hour) or night-white (overnight) syringes. Yes, it takes more time than in-surgery to achieve your result but you do have more control over the shade and can top-up at any time.

Composite veneers

Some of our patients have concerns about gaps, mild crowding, chipped or cracked teeth. These can potentially be ‘masked’ using composite bonding or composite veneers. Essentially, we do a shade match to your current tooth/teeth (if you’re not happy with the current shade, you’d whiten first and then wait 10 days for everything to settle before starting treatment). We expertly reshape, build, add or cover the concern leaving you with natural-looking teeth so no-one can see the restorative work that’s been carried out.

Composite veneers are very different to traditional porcelain veneers in that there’s no ‘prep work’ on the tooth. If you wanted the composite removed after a few years (for instance, you may decide that you want Invisalign to straighten your teeth rather than masking the issue), we can do that easily in a single session. These should last years but of course, you have to take care of them.


Oh, we love Invisalign! With well over 100 live cases today, our team can move your teeth safely and discretely to overcome problems with crowing, spacing, overbites etc. Invisalign is an orthodontic system that consists of a number of clear aligners (they look like removable retainers) that slowly move your teeth stage by stage into the desired positions. They are work for a minimum of 22-hours a day, for between 7-10 days and then you switch to the next aligner in the series.

The one clear benefit of fixed braces over Invisalign is compliance. With fixed braces in Leeds, you don’t have the option of taking them out so they do what they are designed to. However, Invisalign offers discretion (yes, they are virtually invisible!) and improved hygiene as you can eat as normal before brushing your teeth and popping them back in. Additionally, our patients love them as they are so comfortable to wear.

The benefits of Invisalign isn’t limited to a nicer looking, straighter smile. Your bespoke treatment plan also looks at the functionality of your teeth and bite relationship which offers important benefits that go further than purely aesthetic improvements.

Cosmetic Dentistry to Help Enhance Your Smile…

At City Smile Dental, we offer a range of treatments that’ll leave you with a bright, healthy-looking smile. We pride ourselves on providing the best patient experience (read our reviews!) using the latest in dental technology and a great team.

For more information about Clear Braces in Leeds, or to book a free consultation with one of our friendly team, please call our practice on 0113 833 0417. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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