Do you need Invisalign?


We’re all about Invisalign.

We are specialists in Invisalign Clear Braces.

Our team has performed over 2500 successful invisalign procedures dealing with the full spectrum of teeth alignment. Whether your teeth are badly out of line or just need a little movement, we’ve got the specialist knowledge to get you on your way to having a beautiful smile again.

Invisalign treatment is a fantastic way to straighten your teeth without the need to track braces. 

Why Choose CitySmile Dental for Invisalign in Leeds?

  • Highly experienced team of orthodontics
  • Expert knowledge in Invisalign programmes
  • Over 11 years of experience
  • Caring approach to teeth straightening
  • Great payment options, easy and hassle-free
  • No Hidden Fees – Post Treatment Included
What’s the process?

Get the smile you always wanted.

  • Do you close your mouth when smiling?
  • Do you always shy away from pictures?
  • Do you find people stare at your mouth when you speak?
  • Do you feel self conscious of your teeth?

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