We are Yorkshire’s busiest ‘Invisalign Go’ provider.

Invisalign braces are clinically proven to be effective. In the safe hands of our experienced Invisalign Dentists, we have used the system to treat patient concerns ranging from mild to more complex teeth straightening issues. Open bites, crossbites, crowding and gapped teeth are typical issues that we have treated to create beautiful, new smiles.

We’re proud to be Yorkshire’s fastest growing Invisalign Go provider. Currently, we’re offering a FREE digital smile design so it’s a great time to reach out and see how we can help.

The world’s most advanced clear aligner system.

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Our Invisalign treatment starts from £1500.

As a preferred partner of Invisalign, City Smile is able to pass on the benefit of great prices to our patients. Conveniently located in central Leeds, we also offer evening and weekend appointments.

We’re the fastest growing Invisalign practice in Leeds.

Over 5.5 million patients world-wide have been successfully treated with Invisalign, making them by far the number 1 treatment of choice for clear aligners. As a trusted, preferred provider of Invisalign, we are proud to say we’re Yorkshire’s busiest Invisalign Go provider.

Learn more about how Invisalign can help you by booking a free consultation where we discuss the system and submit pictures to Invisalign for an expert second opinion. We’ll even show you your final tooth positions using a digital scanner and smile design software.

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Smile Transformation

Invisalign is made to treat overcrowding, irregular teeth, wide-spaced teeth, overbite and underbite as well as other dental issues. Custom-made, using SmartTrack material, they fit snugly over your teeth and gently move them into position using safe, controlled movements.

Case 1

“In just 6 Months, my teeth have been straightened. I’m amazed at the speed and comfort of Invisalign.”

Case 2

“I’m a teacher and I wanted a discrete solution. Train-track fixed braces were never an option for me. “

Case 3

“City Smile Dental is without doubt the best practice I have ever used. Thanks guys, can’t wait to come back.”

The only dental practice in Leeds with over 100 Five Star Reviews.

We’ve worked hard to develop our reputation as a superb dental practice that puts every patient at the heart of what we do. See our patients and read their testimonials by clicking here so you can read first-hand of their city smile experience!


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