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commitmentWe pride ourselves on being able to offer exceptional service, but sometimes things can go wrong. If at any stage during your treatment process you are not happy with the outcome, or the information you are given please tell us immediately. We’ll do our very best to resolve any issues.

CitySmile Dental is committed to providing a fair service with the utmost quality of care.

Emergency Dental Treatment


Are you having sudden onset tooth pain that is not resolving itself? Have you taken over the counter pain killers and the issue remains?

Please contact us immediately if you have:

  • Sudden throbbing or pain in your teeth
  • Pain that lasts for longer than a few hours
  • Problems with chewing or talking
  • Pain when brushing teeth
  • Braces pain, fixed or temporary
  • Pain when sleeping
  • Emergency dentist leeds
CitySmile Dental

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  • We are passionate about creating amazing smiles
  • We have a team of highly qualified dentists 
  • We take the time out to listen to your dental needs
  • We don’t rush our patient appointments

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